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Style the Stars: Hollywood Hibiscus Fashion Tips

Published May 27th, 2021 by Jberryadmin

Any well-heeled fashionista knows how to combine color, texture, and prints to create a head-turning outfit — from the perfect little dress or dramatic jumpsuit to fashion-forward footwear and just-right accessories. The details matter, and while the pieces needn’t all match, they need to “go.”

The same is true for your garden, particularly when “dressing” tropical beauties like Hollywood® Hibiscus. Their forms have undeniable flair, and their colors are feisty and full of energy. Pair them with the right accessory plants for killer styles.

Make sure your garden is always on the “best dressed” list.


Walk, Walk Fashion Baby: Trophy Wife™’s Top Looks

With her bright-pink blooms and dark-pink accents, Trophy Wife™ is a season-spanning stunner. She’s feminine and strong, soulful and sassy — a true garden chameleon who refuses to be typecast. Her brilliant color and flirty petals make her standout in a crowd, but she loves being surrounded with other summer beauties…just make sure she’s always the star.

Choose plants with smaller flower sizes like petunias or calibrachoa, and in shades of magenta, purple, pale pink, or white. And don’t forget those larger background plants to show her off — sun-loving palm trees are perfect choices as a backdrop to her star power.

Container Planting Combo Concept: Trophy Wife™, Million Bells® Trailing Magenta Calibrachoa, and purple moss verbena.


Commanding Attention: Social Butterfly™’s Sartorial Strategies

Social Butterfly™ just can’t be held down to one color palette when choosing her outfits — what’s the fun in that? Her blooms boast an intricate symphony of bright pink and dark red with subtle white striping emanating from the center.

To let her shine as she was born to, choose plant partners in solid shades of pink, red, purple, and bright green — and avoid anything with multicolored petals. Ornamental grasses are the ideal larger plant pairing to offset her boldness — try any one of the fountain grasses or pennisetums in a large container, or plant grasses in containers to group with Social Butterfly™.

Container Planting Combo Concept: Social Butterfly™, bright red petunias, and chartreuse creeping Jenny.


On Trend with Leading Lady™

This lemon-yellow charmer has a bright outlook to go with her snowy-white center — she’s lively and cheerful, always willing to play with others. To let this bubbly girl do her thing, avoid pairing her with any other yellow hue — at best, the intruder will compete with her, and at worst, she will clash. (And nobody wants to risk being #canceled.)

Instead, reach for smaller flowers and foliage plants in shades of bright pink, red, purple, or lime. Looking for shrubs to plant with her? Try Abelia ‘Twist of Lime’ with its citrus-toned leaves.

Container Planting Combo Concept: Leading Lady™, bright pink calibrachoa, and silver ponyfoot.


Foolproof Fashion Tips for Creating Hollywood® Hibiscus Container Combos

  1. Choose companion plants that have the same sun and watering conditions — other sunny tropical plants are no-brainers for including in containers.

  2. Look for other plants with smaller flowers. Hibiscus blooms are large and commanding and appreciate being paired with more diminutive floral partners.

  3. Consider foliage that is either small-leaved, wispy, or jumbo in size. Hibiscus blooms and leaves have real presence, so to complement them, you’ll want to go either smaller or larger with companion plants — and ideally a mix of both.

  4. Bypass other intricately patterned flowers unless your Hollywood® Hibiscus is a solid color.

  5. Great foliage combinations include anything with bright citrus colors, dark and moody shades, or muted silvery tones. Medium-green foliage plants — unless they have oversized, dramatic shapes — will disappear around hibiscus leaves.
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