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The Hollywood Scoop: Glam Squad

Published August 1st, 2018 by Dana


AUGUST  2018


 Gossip Queen 
Hot ShotNo doubt your Hollywoods are enjoying this summer sun, lounging by the pool or greeting visitors at your front door. Whether they’re officially “on” and working it for the cameras, or off enjoying a little R&R, Hollywood stars always want to look their best. Here are a few tips for keeping them perky and pretty this summer. 
  • Keep them hydrated. Everyone knows the secret to looking flawless is drinking plenty of water, and Hollywoods are no exception. They like their soil to be consistently moist, but not soaking wet. Like a fresh washcloth from first class (no lemon slice needed). You might need to check Hollywoods growing in containers twice per day, as they grow fast and soak up a lot of water in the summer.
  • Feed them the right snacks. Keep Hollywoods “runway ready” by feeding with a balanced or low phosphorous fertilizer. When looking at the numbers on a fertilizer label, the center number should be the same or lower than the numbers on either side. For example, the numbers could look like this: 10-10-10 (balanced) or 12-6-8 (lower in phosphorous). Hollywood Hibiscus do not need or want “bloom booster” fertilizers.
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Hollywood™ Hibiscus just love getting gussied up for the red carpet! (And, between us, they absolutely pay attention to who they’re walking the red carpet with and what they’re wearing—if they can find out.)

This summer Hollywoods are available in quart sizes, which are perfect for pairing with other plants in a glamorous mixed container. Remember, just like assembling a red carpet-ready outfit, you'll want to make sure all key parts are covered, so gather a thriller, a trailing plant, and some filler plants.

Here are some worthy companions that like plenty of sun and a good drink, just like Hollywoods.

Thriller or Focal Point: Obviously your thriller will be your Hollywood™ Hibiscus. They’ll accept nothing less than being the full center of attention. Place in the center or back of the container.

Trailing: Sweet potato vine, torenia (wishbone flower), licorice vine, variegated vinca vine, creeping Jenny

Filler: Coleus, calibrachoa (million bells), pentas


Hot ShotWe caught up for a lightning round with Hot Shot™ while he was in between brokering one of the most talked about Hollywood megamergers of the year and his annual summer vacation (on his yacht in the Italian Riviera).

Favorite Color: Yellow—it goes well with my petals, and just happens to be my Leading Lady™’s color.

Guilty Pleasure: I definitely don’t feel guilty about it, but I do love my custom suits. The more flash the better.

Perfect Night Out: Dancing the night away with Disco Diva™ or poker night with the guys, but it has been a bit rowdy lately.

Your Life Motto: "Being a gentleman is always in style."

Favorite Song: "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk

Well, we sure want to be friends with Hot Shot™ now. Maybe we can catch him again when the fall circuit starts up.



What does your favorite color say about you?

Yellow: You’re optimistic, seek clarity, and trust your gut

Orange: You’re friendly, cheerful, and confident

Red: You love excitement and make bold decisions

Purple: You’re creative and imaginative

Pink: You’re sensitive, respectful, and warm

Green: You seek prosperity and growth  

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